Saturday, May 7, 2011


My Mother's day story

It was 1990 and I was only 21 years young
Silly school girl’s 1st love
Madly in love with my high school sweet heart
The most tumultuous relationship from the start
We met when I was sweet 16
When he walked in my life like a dream
But 5 years later ended in a bad nightmare
You see I was pregnant but unaware
Of the violence soon to come to me and my unborn
Beaten physically but mentally scorned
By the death of my Angel
Silenced with the exception of the bells that rung…

15 years later mini mid life crisis
Turning 36 with no direction for my life
And then God granted me anther Angel
After many days of no love my wings fell
To feel my empty soul
As the story be told
Filled entirety with love
My baby sent from above…

BUT as tragedy knocks on the door
Only 6 months pregnant scare for sure
Body too weak to carry her
Faith weakened replaced with fear
Christ stepped in and held me
Reinsured with new found destiny
I found what I was looking for
Purpose driving by my new born
MOHTERHOOD nothing like it
And finally my Life was complete…

BUT the story does not end there
6 months later Christmas season
My best friend and lover
Awesome provider and her father
Was called Home when death knock on the door
I swear I can’t take too much more
Now 6 years later I finally found comfort
In the one who requires so much of my support
I sacrifice to give her a good life
But she teaches me how to live a amazing LIFE!

Cheri' Noire @};~   May 7, 2011

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