Sunday, July 8, 2012

A heavy burden to pay carrying the cross of our sins. Follow the steps of the Lord and feel Christ help you cross over.

 One of the greatest gift the Lord has given us is 'free choice' Every day we are presented with choices some good some bad. And when we do fall short of the Lord's good Grace He is so merciful that he forgives and forgets when we sincerely atone for our sins. But some people just... don't learn from the first time and continue to live without discipline but to please their own self-indulgence regardless who gets hurts. Do right by others even when we are at our lowest we should never be alone.
That is why I live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would like them to do to you." At that deepest moment when we feel at our loneliest... We are not. Jesus was their all along. That is God's way of breaking people down who continue to be disobedient in order to reshape them from the original mold. The Potter is good even when we feel the heat. That is the heat remolding us back in His perfect image that we have stepped out of.
Tears are God's gift to clear our eyes for the blessing ahead.
May those same tears wash the sorrows of yesterday's pain
that your spirit be renew and forever be changed.
No man is an island upon himself. But merely a morsel of sand on the beach. Yet God knows each and every grain individually as we can't even conceive. As TIME slips through the hour glass. Before we know it we had better live as commanded upon us in the Word before our time is up and lose our salvation that Jesus Christ has died for.

  Food for Thought ~~> nutrient for the soul.
Happy Easter to all.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lead by the Spirit


My spirit leads my pen
Revealing my past’s sins
Paint the images
What my heart feels.

Even when the ink runs dry
Writer’s block won’t stop my life
Turn the pages write a new chapter
 Never stop growing as my stories are captured.
 Blank pages of stories untold
 Awaits as my future unfolds

 The Spirit releases revelations through my writing
 And hope as the emotions spill through my veins to tell (His)story
 On paper one day I will discover the code
 To unlock the walls surrounding my soul
 In order to be free
Finally capturing my Peace!

W. A. R.

Today is the day
We all cheer, "Hooray"
Our beloved soldiers come home
From the red dust & smothering sun
Just in time For Christmas.
To relax and debrief is a must
Surrounded by their love ones
Nine long years
Can't dry all the tears
Almost a trillion dollars
Paid by tax payers but it is the mothers
Of 130,000 soldiers (unsung heroes)
Who Sacrificed the weight on their shoulders
Was it really worth 4,300 causalities
31,000 seriously wounded with brain & spinal injuries
Within the 1st 3-4 months 30% suffer mentally
Only to arrive home with no future possibilities
W. A. R.
(W)as (A)ll for (R)evenge
Does the means justify in the end?
Time will tell how this footnote
Is told in our history books
For future generations
Genocide paid by our great Nation!
P.S. Poetically Sarcastic
Please take head
Before History repeats it again
Cheri Noire