Saturday, July 7, 2012

W. A. R.

Today is the day
We all cheer, "Hooray"
Our beloved soldiers come home
From the red dust & smothering sun
Just in time For Christmas.
To relax and debrief is a must
Surrounded by their love ones
Nine long years
Can't dry all the tears
Almost a trillion dollars
Paid by tax payers but it is the mothers
Of 130,000 soldiers (unsung heroes)
Who Sacrificed the weight on their shoulders
Was it really worth 4,300 causalities
31,000 seriously wounded with brain & spinal injuries
Within the 1st 3-4 months 30% suffer mentally
Only to arrive home with no future possibilities
W. A. R.
(W)as (A)ll for (R)evenge
Does the means justify in the end?
Time will tell how this footnote
Is told in our history books
For future generations
Genocide paid by our great Nation!
P.S. Poetically Sarcastic
Please take head
Before History repeats it again
Cheri Noire

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